The Flea carrying Phil, Laura and Amy.

By Laura Little

My first car was a 1964 VW bug, no frills but in good condition.  We named it “The Flea.” My brother Phil, shown in the driver’s seat, and I (shotgun) paid $600 for it in my senior year of high school. That’s our sister Amy in the back seat with a bag of groceries – off to picnic somewhere.

The Flea took us everywhere we wanted to go… there are many happy memories buzzing down the 134 Ventura Freeway to the Santa Monica 10 and on to that sweet beach or to Will Rogers State Beach, Malibu or even Zuma Beach, as the weather and waves dictated.  We were always looking for good sun and big waves.  We drove it all over Southern California to concerts, ice cream parlors, dance halls, cheerleading events, theme parks… many, many road trips!

The Flea was once packed with a record 13 people during a stunt for a church youth outing.  We discovered it could be picked up and moved… or at least our friends did. It made it difficult to find one or two times as I recall.

We pimped it out with a huge set of Pioneer speakers that took up the space under the window behind the back seat.  For the longest time we were perplexed as to why the stereo stopped working, until one day when we went to put some beach stuff back there we discovered that the wires had been cut and the speakers were gone!

We could go for miles on a tank of gas, and it was a bumpy ride at any speed. One night someone pushed it down our driveway, hotwired it and got away. A few days later we got a call; the police recovered the license plates near the Mexican border. We never really got over that little Bug.