By Kimberly Brown

I don’t think I can even count how many cars I’ve had in the last 20 years. Big ones, little ones, beautiful ones, hoopty ones, ones with pretty names and one that was even called a Corona. Yes, it ran on beer. But my first car…that was the best.

In 1992, I bought a 1980 chocolate brown 2 door Toyota Corolla from a guy I worked with at Jake’s Take ‘n’ Bake.  I paid him $200 for it – he just wanted it out of his yard. There was even a stereo system in the trunk that he hadn’t installed yet and was a “gift with purchase”!

I drove that thing up and down the entire state of California for several years!! I could fill it up for under $10 and insure it for under $20. I had reunions, breakups, fights, make-ups, homework, college homework, my closet and my pets in that car. My first car was like my living room. Back in the days where you couldn’t stand your parents, so you’d go hang out in your car… when the driver’s seat is more appealing than hanging out on your bed w/your walkman screamin’ loud!

That little car would still be running today if I’d known it needed a drink now and then… possibly some water and oil… should’ve listened to my dad. I fried the darn thing in 1996 and laid it to rest.

RIP Corolla, RIP.